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Seminar on Waste/Garbage Management For Trikuta Apartments Sector -62



Seminar on Waste/Garbage Management For Trikuta Apartments Sector -62

12 November 2017

10.00 am | 4.30 pm
  • Noida Sector -62

  • At 10.00 am | 4.30 pm

Seminar on Waste/Garbage Management For Trikuta Apartments Sector -62, 12th November 2017 By “Garbage to Garden” A Mission of IIP As it is known that, Garbage to Garden is a reformative social initiative and has taken up the grand endeavour to fight against the evil of garbage through segregation of waste and its subsequent composting. Our initiative is inspired by honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,” and we hope to ignite a global phenomenon and to inspire every region, state, country in the world to heal our environment to the core by zeroing down our garbage to a 100% and contributing to the planet we live in. We plan to achieve it by reaching out, inspiring and educating everyone. Our vision is to start a GREAT INDIAN GARBAGE REVOLUTION towards a global sustainable life-style. IIP Foundation has decided to encourage residents to manage their Garbage at its origin point (at every home). Our aim is to start an eco-friendly drive in RWAs and local community of Noida, to ensure that all the residents of each sectors segregate their waste and to inspire them to recycle their own garbage, to join the cause of making compost out of kitchen and garden waste and to further make use of it in several ways. Today at Trikuta apartments of Sector 62 another seminar is been conducted by Sh. Rajesh Goyal , Chairman of IIP Foundation and his team , on this occasion Sh. S.K. Sudhir President, Sh. Harish Mohan Ahuja, Sh.Vijay Kumar and residents were present. Mr. Rajesh Goyal have informed that next Sunday on 19th November same seminar will be organise in sector 112.

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